Monday, November 30, 2009

BUCKETLIST for before I'm 30 and HOW? 'Cause I'm SINGLE!

Well, here's the deal - most of my closest friends are dating or are married. I however am not. This is it - I'm not a female that is going to sit around bemoaning my fate, wondering what is wrong with me. The thing is... NOTHING is wrong. Everything is great and honestly, I think I'm finally finding out what life is all about.

So as my friends post picture after picture of their babies and husbands, blogs about families and anniversaries, engagements, etc etc... I figured HEY being single is awesome too! I'm honestly kinda sick of LDS society focusing on how people who are married are happy and awesome - and many people act like those are single are "oh those POOR, sad, lonely single people." UH - NO. I say to all you single women out there - there is life to be had other than sitting at home wondering what to do because we're not married! LET'S GO. We have the ability to GO and do ANYthing and BE ANYTHING, why in the world do we care if we're still single?? HELLO, I'm 28 - not 70 or something, I have a life. lol.

Here's the crux of my blog. I am now going to SHOUT as to why single life is so freakin' awesome and am going to change this viewpoint of the "Sad, lonely, single" female. Being married and having babies is not the only thing that is awesome in life. I am going to figure out things to do with my fabulous single self. So... without further ado - here is my bucket list for before I'm 30! Things I can do (anytime I want) because I am SINGLE, free, happy, young, and have the rest of my life to get married! :):):)

Before I'm 30 I will/my Bucketlist:

* Graduate from college in Music Education having: Been Drum Major of the Band for 4 years, conducted and directed a BYU basketball band, been in 3 Relief Society Presidencies, been the President of my Living hall, manager for two different retailers, lost 65 pounds, became a runner, etc etc.

* Sky Dive
* Become Scuba Certified
* Learn how to play Guitar and Piano
* Run at least a half-marathon
* Reach my goal weight
* Learn how to snow board
* Become a boxer
* Visit all of the temples in Utah
* Peruse at least 10 museums that I have never been to
* Hike to the top of 5 new mountains (not ones that I have already done)
* Go to Disneyland (Since I've only been to Disney WORLD a billion times)
* Ride the largest rollercoaster in the United States
*Become a tri-athlete

And all this before I'm 30! And I can... why? Because I'M SINGLE! BOO-YAH! ;)

I want to add to this list as well. So if any of you (marrieds or non-marrieds ;)) have any suggestions of what I can add to this, then let me know!

I'm excited for the life that I can live in anyway that I would like, being grateful to this beautiful, free country in which we live!

"You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights."
-Dr. Seuss


  1. I think this is a great idea--you absolutely should soak it all up! While I am so happy with my current status in life, there are so many fun things that you listed that I just can't up and do now--so I say, go and do it while you can! Perhaps it will be on some grand adventure that you will find yourself at the crossroads of single and married life--be it in 2 or 20 years. Live it up girl! Love your positivity!!!

  2. I will comment because I want to live vicariously through You can do the 1/2 marathon and Disneyland and kill two birds with one awesome stone. I can't train for a triathlon for a few years due to the fact that I have babies coming out of my ears but an awesome race that I want to try is Catalina Island Sprint triathlon. Sounds amazing. There is also the MudRun in Orange County. My brother in laws ran it and said it was the most fun they have ever had while competing. You are so inspirational!!! I am happy, and very jealous that you CAN do so much. I look forward to that day that I can make a bucket list like yours. Wahoo!!!!!

  3. Enjoy it Tanya! And if you need any help, you know where to find us... :) Love you!

  4. add to this list:

    Kiss AS MANY guys as you want. because you're single. and not tied down to a huband. so many girls here get married to their first boyfriend. i'm like... GET REAL. you don't even KNOW what's out there yet. Gah. People here are crazy. so go crazy tanya. hehe.

  5. You go girl-and frankly, married like ain't all it cracked up to be. :)
    Love you and how far you've come!

  6. Having been married and divorced by 30, I can absolutely tell you that being single in my 30s (and half of my 40s) was the most fun EV.ER. I also used to get the "why don't you get out there again and meet someone?" comments and I would always ask, why? I am so fabulous, why would I want a ball and chain to have to worry about? Used to freakin' drive me crazy!

    Here's one you have to add to your bucket list: Run the Great Wall Marathon - even if you only do the 10K or the half. It's the most amazing adventure ever and I met the most awesomely fun people on the tour group that made it even better.

    Rock on with yo' bad self!!!

  7. I'll go to Disneyland with you Tanya! It's on my list too. Also on my list: learn to horseback ride and ballroom dance like Ginger Rogers.


  8. sarah C and I are going to India together when we graduate. Wanna come too?

  9. You've never been to Disneyland? I didn't know that, but I can totally help you out w/that! :) --Heather